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ThinkDigits aims to unlock the intelligence of your data by
performing advanced analytics, leveraging AI/ML technologies
to uncover new business insights.

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AI-powered quality inspection enhances precision in variance detection using videos and images, leading to early issue recognition and minimizing occurrence likelihood.

360 Platform

360 enhances productivity by seamlessly integrating with workflows, offering real time updates, and leveraging domain specific knowledge for insightful decision making.

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ThinkDigits’s AI Powered Intelligent Apps


Predictive Maintenance

Artificial Intelligence Driven Predictive Insights & Prescriptive Actions for Critical Assets & Systems


Vision Quality Inspection

Empowering Quality Control Management with Reactive and Predictive Quality insights


Dynamic Production Scheduling

Optimize inventory, production & distribution schedules for dynamic manufacturing shop floors



Smart way to forecast and optimize your energy usage by cost through AI driven approach



Building Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven predictive models for your manufacturing operations


Forecast energy trends, monitor asset health, optimize equipment efficiency, and reduce energy losses with intelligent analytics across the
value chain

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Automate routine tasks, increase efficiency, and enhance safety by connecting, collecting, and visualizing data from any piece of equipment on the shop floor.

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Jacob Parkins

Team Lead ISO Quality and DACW Bayport Engineering – Amatrol Inc

Working with the ThinkDigits team, we were able to successfully implement ideas into digital solutions which helped us to discover and liberate the most crucial data for gaining operational insights. The entire team worked rigorously towards building the AI powered intelligent applications to generate predictive insights and improve the operational efficiency of the entire plant.

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Frequently Asked

Ever since their inception, both artificial intelligence and machine learning have had a significant impact on the business world. Businesses need AI and ML services to reap a wide range of benefits. For instance, both of these technologies can automate and optimize routine processes, thus helping businesses save valuable time and money.

If implemented correctly, AI and ML solutions can boost operational efficiency and productivity. It can be used by managers to make informed decisions in a swift manner. This is precisely what ThinkDigits helps businesses in the manufacturing, energy, and utility industry accomplish with our artificial intelligence services in USA and Canada.

ThinkDigits has spent decades developing cutting edge ML and AI apps that have helped several companies in the energy and manufacturing industry achieve their digital transformation goals. Over the years, our AI platform has helped many of our clients optimize their business processes and make better decisions with regards to their cost and productivity.

ThinkDigits further establishes itself as one of the best AI solution providers because of the core capabilities that our ML and AI platforms possess, which are as follows:

  • Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Anomaly Detection and Decision
  • Dynamic Production Scheduling
  • Vision Quality Inspection and Management
  • Asset Health and Performance Tracking
  • Energy Management and Forecasting

AI ML services can significantly improve the operational efficiency of a food manufacturing or energy management business. Artificial Intelligence can tackle several challenges that plague these industries. ThinkDigits’s AI solutions, for instance, can help food manufacturing and energy companies reduce maintenance cost and increase uptime with the help of AI-driven predictive analysis.

Furthermore, the reactive and predictive capabilities of AI platforms can help businesses automate and control their quality inspection processes. AI can also help food manufacturing companies accurately forecast demand for their products, thus helping them improve their production scheduling. On the other hand, AI can help energy management companies mitigate costs by forecasting consumption.

Typical artificial intelligence and machine learning model implementation can take around 3-6 months. This is necessary to make sure our clients have an AI ML solution that caters to the specific needs and requirements of their organization. At ThinkDigits, our AI specialists spent atleast 2-3 hours brainstorming to identify and attain clarity on what our client’s requirements are.

The next 2-3 days involve assessing various solutions in a bid to identify the best course of action to proceed with. Additional six to ten weeks will be spent to identify the value of the AI ML solution developed to understand whether it is capable of accomplishing its intended objectives. Finally, once the project has been thoroughly vetted, you can expect to go live with the product within 3-6 months of its development.