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for diverse workloads

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Features of 360

360 enhances productivity by seamlessly integrating with diverse workflows, providing real time updates, and streamlining tasks through intelligent automation. It leverages domain specific knowledge to deliver targeted data insights that transform decision making processes.

Data Pipeline Management

Comprehensive handling of AI/ML workloads, including efficient data extraction and ingestion. Robust data preparation and secure storage solutions.

Model Lifecycle Framework

Efficient AI/ML model development,
streamlined training, simplified deployment
across diverse environments, and
dedicated performance monitoring

Application and Ecosystem Integration

Seamless connectivity and other
applications for a unified operational

Intelligent Data Visualization

Interactive and actionable visualizations to
interpret complex data easily.

Boost operational efficiency with 360’s data intelligence,
achieving a remarkable 3x increase in throughput quality control

360 Use Cases

Performance Insight Dashboard

Gain unparalleled operational intelligence with real time dashboards that monitor, analyze, and display key performance indicators

Consumer Feedback Sentiment Analysis

Leverage AI to dissect and understand customer
sentiments, enabling data-driven strategies for product and service improvements.

AI-driven Anomaly Detection

Detect and respond to operational anomalies in real-time, preventing disruptions and maintaining continuous production flow.

Predictive Maintenance

Anticipate maintenance needs and prevent equipment failures through AI-predictive insights, reducing downtime and extending asset life.

Supply Chain Streamlining

Optimize logistics and inventory levels by utilizing AI to forecast demand, track shipments, and manage supplies more efficiently.

Real-time Operational Visibility

Maintain oversight of all operational aspects with the ability to make immediate, informed decisions based on live data feeds.

Continuous Enhancement with Operational Feedback

Implement an iterative improvement cycle within operations by leveraging feedback to refine AI models and processes continuously.

Effortlessly shift from manual inspection to an AI-empowered vision
based detection system for consistent quality and efficiency.

Core Capabilities of 360

The Performance Insight Dashboard provides real time
operational insights and can help enhance product
quality by expediting quality inspection processes.

ThinkIQ possesses a range of core competencies that
encompass advanced AI facilitated anomaly detection,
sentiment analysis, and the performance insight

Key Challenges & 360 Solutions

Operations Boosting Efficiency


Deployed ThinkIQ’s performance monitoring dashboards for data driven process optimization.


Realized a 15% increase in operational speed and a 10% reduction in resource wastage.

Maintenance Minimizing Downsize


Implemented ThinkIQ’s predictive maintenance algorithms to foresee and prevent equipment failures.


Reduced equipment downtime by 30%, significantly improving overall productivity.

Manufacturing Identifying and Rectifying Quality Discrepancies


Implemented ThinkIQ’s predictive maintenance algorithms to foresee and prevent equipment failures.


Reduced equipment downtime by 30%, significantly improving overall productivity.

Quality Assurance


Applied ThinkIQ’s automated quality assurance for continuous quality control.


Enhanced quality compliance by 35%, leading to higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Insight and Decision-Making


Leveraged ThinkIQ’s real-time operational visibility tools for instant decision-making capabilities.


Empowered leadership with 40% faster decision-making backed by accurate, real-time data.

Supply Chain


Integrated ThinkIQ’s supply chain optimization tools for dynamic inventory control.


Optimized inventory levels, resulting in a 25% decrease in inventory carrying costs

Gain access to real-time insights into your performance, resulting in
a return on investment of over 30%.