ThinkDigits's Vision Platform

Automate and Control quality inspection with reactive and predictive capabilities.

Industry Challenges

In order to ensure optimum product quality, it is imperative for the products on the production line to be inspected thoroughly to make sure it meets the required specifications and quality standards. This task normally involves intensive manpower to visually inspect the product for any defects. Not only is this time consuming, but is also prone to human error. ThinkDigits is a prominent Quality Inspection Company that solves these challenges with its effective quality inspection services and solutions.

VisionIQ Solutions

  • AI powered Computer Vision based inspection system automating the quality defect detection process
  • Camera brand agnostic solution offering Quality Control with Reactive and Predictive analytical capabilities
  • Image data is evaluated by algorithms to pinpoint defects and provide remedifying measures
  • Continuously monitors production line in real-time to detect defects and divert it to be fixed
  • One algorithm has the ability to process several defects hence reduces costs and prevents customers from receiving sub-par products
  • Intelligent app from ThinkDigits, a leading quality inspection company can deliver significant ROI by reducing quality inspection costs, rework, and scrap and improving key quality metrics
  • Scalability across multiple plants, transition from reactive to predictive, and multi-scenario classifications through its efficient quality inspection services

What is VisionIQ?

An Al/ML platform for Video and Image-based Anomaly Detection in Industrial Workloads

VisionIQ is a video and image-based Al system designed to detect anomalies in production systems. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to monitor the performance of key production operations and track and provide information metrics. VisionIQ enables companies to detect anomalies within plant operational performance and provide single and multi-variant analysis.

This platform includes:

  • Quality Inspection

  • Facial Recognition

  • Zone and Security Protection

  • Pose Detection (Monitor the Steps in Critical Assembly Stations)

  • Real-time Asset Tracking

  • Track & Trace (End-to-End Tracking of a Production Process)

  • Defect Alerts

  • Key information so that Plant Resources can be Focused to Improve Performance

Once configured, VisionIQ’s accuracy can be easily maintained by the people on the factory floor.

Key Challenges & VisionIQ Solutions


Employs ML algorithms to detect lapses in quality and detect defects


Real time processing of images allows for detects to be pinpointed as and when they occur


Computerized quality inspection through AI is faster and much more reliable as ML analyzes historical data to improve performance


Track and records the quality inspection outcomes for every batch and product for further analysis


Improving efficiency through predictive quality capabilities with edge computing and ML models


Prediction and identification of defects at the right stage by ThinkDigits as a quality inspection agency

Core Capabilities

AI-Enabled Anomaly Detection and More

AI-Enabled Anomaly Detection and More

  • AI driven quality inspection allows for increased accuracy in detecting variances
  • Provides a root cause analysis for the given anomaly to enable better resolution of defects
  • Robust and improved machine learning algorithms ensure that problems are recognised as soon as possible, if not before they happen

Expedited Quality Inspection Process

Expedited Quality Inspection Process

  • Highly computerised process that enables a more efficient and precise quality control
  • High throughput inspection is made possible by employing AI and ML algorithms of ThinkDigits’s quality inspection solutions and services.

Business Benefits


1. What are the Advantages of Inspection of Quality Control?

Inspection is an integral aspect of quality control with several advantages. To begin with, a reputable quality inspection company tasked with quality control will significantly lower the cost associated with production. It does so by preventing expensive reworks and lowering the rate of defects that eventually lead to unsellable products.

Lower rework and defects mean your customers get superior quality products. Another lesser-known advantage of inspection is that it also prevents delays in shipping. With customers getting their products delivered on time, manufacturing companies can cultivate a customer base that is satisfied by the services being offered to them.

2. What is In-process Quality Inspection?

In-process quality inspection refers to inspection undertaken at any point in time while the production is still ongoing. A quality inspection company will choose to adopt this method to make sure that the quality of products adheres to established standards before they are approved and pushed along to the next stage.

The main purpose of in-process quality inspection is to find issues and suggest corrective actions or improvements while the manufacturing process is still underway. As problems are taken care of as and when they arise, the necessity to redo a process all over again is prevented.

3. How Effective are ThinkDigits Quality Inspection Services?

ThinkDigits offers AI-powered quality inspection services that automate the entire quality defect detection process. The systems deployed by ThinkDigits leverage ML algorithms to accurately detect lapses in quality and identify defects. 

Over the years, ThinkDigits has helped several businesses with its AI-powered computer vision-based inspection solution and the following metrics aptly determine how effective it has been for our clients:

  • Increase in Throughput quality control by 3x
  • Inspection model accuracy up to 99.99%
  • Real-time edge performance 30% increase in ROI
  • CPK of 1.69 over 6 𝝈 expectations
  • Quick transition from manual inspection to AI-powered vision-based inspection