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Features of VisionIQ

VisionIQ is an advanced no-code computer vision platform designed to enable the development, deployment, and scaling of computer vision applications.

AI Model Management & Training

Unified space to manage AI models of various frameworks, import pre-trained deep learning models, and train custom AI models

Application Development

Build high-performance computer vision pipelines by wiring together modular building blocks that represent cameras, AI models, and image processing functions.

Data Collection & Annotation

Automated data collection for computer vision annotation

Monitoring & Maintenance

Remote health diagnosis, continuous delivery, system alerts, and remote troubleshooting, ensuring the applications are running optimally and securely over time


Automated deployment, configuration management, and edge load balancing ensure a streamlined deployment to various environments, including edge devices.

Custom data science models to suit the unique needs of each industry.

VisionIQ Use Cases

Automated Defect Detection

Real time identification and classification of
product imperfections on the production line.

Operational Efficiency

Computer vision-driven analysis for optimizing drive-thru service and kitchen operations.

Precision Counting

Accurate inventory tracking and management through advanced image recognition technologies.

Enhanced Safety

Integration of CVML for improved object detection and decision-making in ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

Diagnostic Accuracy

AI-enhanced imaging for faster and more accurate diagnosis of medical conditions.

Prioritizing transparency, Accuracy, and security in all our solutions.

Core Capabilities of VisionIQ

VisionIQ provides manufacturers with precision inspection capabilities for compliance with strict quality standards. Enhanced image analysis assists in maintaining safety and operational reliability.

VisionIQ’s computer vision tools streamline defect detection, ensuring each product meets the highest quality standards. Automated inspection processes facilitate real-time monitoring & enforcement of QA/QC standards in manufacturing.

Key Challenges & VisionIQ Solutions

Production Line Inefficiencies Lead To Waste.


Deployed CVML for real-time defect detection.


25% reduction in wastage, 15% increase in production speed.

Delayed Diagnosis For Critical Conditions.


Implemented AI-powered radiology assist tools.


30% quicker diagnosis and 20% improved detection accuracy.

Enhancing Safety Protocols For Autonomous Driving.


Integrated CVML for real-time object detection and decision-making.


50% reduction in on-road testing incidents, 20% improvement in reaction time.

Ensuring our clients are well-equipped to maximize the benefits and
mitigate challenges.